The Middle East's New Revolutionaries


Arab Spring protest movements have been overwhelmingly driven by disaffected youth, whose lack of freedom, lack of opportunity, and lack of voice have pushed them to fight for a better future. However, protest—and even revolution—have not resulted in the deep and lasting change the Middle East region is hungry for. 

We're building a global community of passionate young people who, together, will confront the enormous challenge of turning revolution into real progress.

Through a transformational educational initiative called Solutionaries, we're inspiring the rising generation of Arab youth to see themselves as creators of their own future, and giving them concrete tools to build the societies in which they want to live.

The first of its kind in the entire Middle East region, the Solutionaries program is teaching critical and creative thinking for social change, and connecting Arab youth across the globe to create a powerful movement of changemakers—armed with the next-generation solutions their societies so urgently need.