Brain Builders

Brain Builders is a 12-week after-school program where students learn, practice, and develop core critical and creative thinking skills including:

  • Memorization and Study Strategies
  • Organization
  • Reasoning
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Opinion Formation
  • Perspective Taking
  • Creativity and Idea Generation

The Brain Builders curriculum mirrors Brain Camp in its content and aims, but offers students a broader and deeper experience with more opportunities for cultivating their skills. Learn more about Brain Camp here.

In partnership with Her Majesty Queen Rania’s Madrasati education initiative, Think Unlimited is training 250 Jordanian public school teachers to become Brain Builders facilitators. Partnered with and supported by Madrasati volunteers, these teachers will implement the curriculum as an extracurricular program at their schools. The Brain Builders initiative is currently focused on under-resourced schools in the Mafraq area of Jordan.

Training teachers to facilitate the Brain Builders curriculum not only increases the number of schools and students Think Unlimited can reach, but also equips teachers with new methods and ideas to take with them into the classroom. Through the extensive training and support we provide, teachers gain valuable insights into inductive teaching methods, and the role games and activities can play in the learning process. Seeing students respond enthusiastically to the Brain Builders program inspires teachers to invest greater time and effort in their important work.